Service Schedule


Start of season can vary from late March to late April depending on weather

*Normally includes the first 3-4 weeks from start of season


Spring Cleanup

  • Cleanup fall and winter debris from lawn and beds
  • Rake debris and thatch from lawn. Dethatch if needed
  • Make note of any weak areas for spot seeding

Fertilize Lawn with slow-release fertilizer

  • Delay this if major seeding work is to be done


  • Summer and fall-flowering plants pruned before leaf-out for shape and health


  • If you plan to install a system this season, call to start the design and costing process

Landscape Design

  • This is the year for a new patio/pond/walkway/garden or tree. Give us a call!



Have a plan to get your property looking great by Canada Day. In some seasons we have as little as 8-9 weeks from winter thaw to July 1st!


Weeding , Bed Edging and Sidewalk Edging (Initial)

  • Initial for the season, weeding should have attention bi-weekly or monthly, and edging 2-3 times per season.

Mulching (1st window)

  • Mulch in May- to –early June for maximum weed prevention. Mulch in July after pruning for best soil temperatures and best looking gardens in July and August

Seeding (1st window)

  • Spot seed problem areas
  • Aerate, topdress (if required) and overseed complete lawns with issues
  • Seed after major garden work, to minimize foot traffic for the next 6-8 weeks.
  • Lots of watering required, more than in Fall window


  • Startup and minor repairs, major repairs scheduled as soon as possible after startup
  • Watering ban begins May 31st in Kitchener/Waterloo be sure to water lawn only on your day

Cut and Trim Lawn

  • Normally required by early May
  • Most lawns need weekly cutting in the early part of season. Some un-fertilized lawns can be bi-weekly once growth slows down in June or July

Lawn Weeds

  • Dandelions are at their worst, and chemical treatment with Fiesta is underway. There are temperature and rainfall concerns which can delay effective treatment into June



Spring flowers are starting to finish and shrubs (and weeds!) are starting to get big and overgrown.


Hedge trimming

  • Removing spring growth from shrubs and hedges


  • Pruning spring-flowering trees and shrubs for shape now, some re-set buds as early as September

Lawn Repair

  • Seeding becomes less successful by mid-late June, but new lawns from Sod are still okay to install. Watering needs are significant. Traffic needs to be light for at least 6-8 weeks on a new lawn


  • Required repairs are scheduled to be completed as soon as possible before dry weather arrives
  • New installations ongoing



Warm weather is normally here to stay now Mulching (2nd window)

  • Mulch now, after soil temperatures have increased and after hedges are trimmed (and cleaned up!), to assist water management and have a fresh appearance during the hot summer months

Decks and Patios

  • Cleaning, repairs, staining, new joint sand are all weather dependent activities that benefit from warm weather and less rain, but do require finding a good window. This can mean work takes a few weeks to find the right day for best results.

Driveway Sealing

  • Fill cracks and apply latex or asphalt sealer to improve appearance and snow-melting performance for next winter. Filling cracks in older driveways can reduce ongoing water damage and extend the life of your driveway.


  • Have us check and run through your irrigation system to make sure it is working properly in the most important months of the season
  • Ask us about backflow preventer inspection and certification requirements



This month can be hot and dry, but by mid August we often see more rain and cooler nights more associated with September weather Seeding (2nd window)

  • As summer droughts subside, damage becomes more visible and cooler evenings means seed work can begin again
  • Seed work is most effective from the time weather ‘breaks’ in August until early October.

Weeding and Edging

  • For those not on an ongoing plan, edges will be degraded and weeds will be a significant issue by early August

Planting / Transplanting

  • New plantings or transplant/reorganization are easier to care for as the weather begins to cool. Keep an eye out for nursery sales on perennials which can be planted right through until freeze-up in November/December

Fall annuals

  • Mums, icicle pansies (survive to add early spring colour too!) and other annuals can help extend garden colours into the fall season



Annuals are beginning to die, leaves are turning and warm sunny Saturdays are like found treasure Leaf removal

  • Leaves removed from Lawn to allow mowing until growth stops (usually early-mid November)

Fall Cleanup

  • Cut down spent perennials, clean leaves from gardens and lawns and put the garden to bed for winter


  • Late flowering shrubs and trees can be pruned more easily after leaves drop.

Eavestrough Cleaning

  • Once leaves have fallen, clear eavestroughs and check all downspouts

Irrigation Shutdown

  • Winterize system, remove or open backflow prevention device and blow out remainder of system

Snow Removal

  • We have had full-blown snow events in early November. Is your shovel and snowblower ready? Our equipment is ready to work by November.

Landscape and Irrigation Design

  • Be ready for next spring with a landscape plan already designed and priced.



Christmas Decorations

  • We can help with heavy trees and ladder work



Watch the snow melt away Pruning

  • Pruning of trees for shape and health can continue right through winter months. In some cases it is easiest with no leaves on trees, and no gardens in bloom to be damaged.

Drainage Problems

  • Pay attention to any water/drainage issues. These will need immediate attention if severe, or can be planned for in the coming season.

Landscape and Irrigation Design

  • Beat the spring rush and have a plan ready for action this coming spring or summer. Patio season is getting closer by the day.